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Colors of the Rainbow


There is a fingernail polish craze happening right now, and I am hooked!

I used to have a horrible habit of biting my nails, and I was determined to fix it. I certainly didn’t want polish in my mouth so I started painting my nails all the time. I ditched that habit but got hooked on a new one. I became a picker. I would paint, pick, pain, pick. So to stop that nonsense I started trying really cool designs that I wouldn’t want to chip away, and it worked. I am cured. Here are some of the cool trends I’ve tried and the ways I use polish to spice up an outfit. 

The accent nail trend is running wild. It’s all over the Glamour office right now. Maggie, my intern friend that I will miss SO MUCH, and I came to work  with the exact same style (pink and grey color blocking). Great minds think alike! I love the accent nail look because it is a stand-alone statement, but the neutral colors don’t distract from any outfit. As you can see in the picture, I wore the colors with black and beige, and Maggie had on blue and white. I hate when I see a girl wearing a rocking outfit with nails that stick out like a sore thumb. (Was that a pun? Hmm, I’m getting fancy.) But you’ll never be disappointed with basic colors. You don’t have to stress about your nails looking like a rainbow exploded, and you’ll never have a horrible clash. 

This is the rainbow look with ombre. It’s pretty cool huh? I wouldn’t do it just because, like I said, I don’t want my nails to clash with my outfit, but I love the trend. I would probably just do it with greys, pinks, or pale blues.

So yet another cool trend is to splatter paint your nails. Let me tell you, it is a hassle, but it comes out really cool! Here is what mine look like.

I think the concept is super cool, but you have to really think about the color scheme. I started with a Tiffany blue color then splattered purple. I thought that looked awesome. But when I added the melon color it was just yuck! I need to practice what I preach because adding the melon made it look like a cantaloupe threw up on my nails. Sorry, I had to be dramatic for a second, but you probably agree. So here’s the cute version. I hope you like it. What have you done with your nails lately? 


Perhaps I should start by telling you that I’m obsessed with a lot of things. I started this blog talking about my magazine obsession, but I take it to a whole new level with The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Attention family and friends: I have a problem! I can admit that I become way too emotionally invested in these relationships, so here are all the things I just couldn’t wait to talk about.

First of all, thank goodness Emily didn’t choose Sean. That gives me a .01 chance of marrying him! Now, can we all just stop and take a moment to admire him?

So now that I’m done objectifying this man, let’s be serious. Sean really is a great guy. He’s who I would have chosen, and not just because he is beautiful. I fell for him (from my dorm room couch eating cookies in my pjs) when he said that his parents had shown him what real love was, and he told Emily that he would see Ricky as his own child no matter what. And writing a letter to Ricky, instead of Emily, on the episode that he got sent home showed me how great of a dad he could have been. He seemed to just get Emily. He knew how to treat her and how to earn the trust of a little girl. Who wouldn’t want sweet Sean? Not Emily apparently, but I think Jef is a great guy too. He is a smooth smooth talker. He always knows what to say, and just like Sean, he was always thinking of Ricky, which is why I leaned more towards him instead of Arie.

They make such a precious family, and they look like they just stepped off the red carpet.  Check out that dress! You can’t deny Emily’s sense of style (not to mention that her 6 year old is wearing wedges). They are just beautiful people, and Jef seems to fit right in. So what about that proposal? Jef seemed so sincere. The words he used to describe Emily could sweep any girl off her feet, and the smile on Emily’s face when she’s with Jef is something very special. But why in the world did she leave him waiting so long? He probably thought he was going to be stuck on one knee forever. Things like that are what make me think some of The Bachelorette is staged, very staged. I just know if the love of my life was proposing to me, I wouldn’t have to think so hard. Yes or no, Emily? Yes or no?

 I will say though, other than during the proposal, I think Emily has been completely genuine and serious through out the entire experience. The second she knew that a relationship wasn’t going to work she sent the guy home. She didn’t want to string anyone along or waste anyone’s time. Sending Arie home without even going on a date is not the typical Bachelorette style. Emily wasn’t playing games when it came to who she thought would be best for her life. My heart was breaking for Arie though. He had just made her a love potion for goodness sake. Note to self: When in Curacao, do not pay to make a love potion. It doesn’t work! I have to commend Emily for doing what she thought was right though, and now she is happily engaged. I have wanted Emily to be happy since I first heard her story on Brad’s season, and I can’t wait to hear what happens with them next.

So to end I’ll just say that I’m 99 percent sure Sean is going to be the next Bachelor. Chris Harrison made it pretty obvious on The Men Tell All episode when he asked Sean if he was ready for love again, and he responded with, “sooner rather than later.” So there you have it ladies, Sean is on the prowl. I’ll just leave you with another picture of him that is sure to blow your mind! Aahhh!


Yet Another Obsession– Sean Lowe



Anyone have magazines lying around everywhere– on the coffee table, in the bathroom, next to your bed? You should see my book shelf! Along with Hemingway and Fitzgerald and of course my beloved Shakespeare, there stands Glamour, Cosmo, Self, Lucky, Seventeen, and People. I can’t make myself throw them away. I am totally OBSESSED. You can only imagine how I felt when I got the opportunity to work at Glamour Magazine as the books intern. You know how paper feels when it’s hot off a printer? Come on, you know you like it too. Magazines feel like that times 100. When I got to hold both the July and the August issue before they hit newsstands, I was sold. I am completely honored and excited to have this experience, and now I am confident that I want to be a magazine editor one day. After working at Glamour for just a few weeks I have been inspired to take more risks with fashion, read some intense romance literature, and start this blog (hints the title, ZINEspiration). My boss, who seems like a friend, told me that ideas are your currency in the publishing world, and I am taking that little piece of advice and running with it. I am going to share my ideas on fashion and beauty, my opinions on books, and hopefully share stories about real life women doing incredible things just like all the wonderful magazines resting on my book shelf. I hope you enjoy.