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Tori– One Hot Mommy!


Can you imagine rushing into the emergency room with major back pain and coming out knowing you’re pregnant? Well, neither can I, but that’s what happened to my friend Tori.

So far on this blog I have written about fashion, my love for magazines, and my obsession with Sean Lowe, but I have a passion for learning about real women with real stories. I hope to eventually write and edit real life stories for a magazine so until that dream comes true, I will be sharing stories through my blog. I hope you enjoy. At 19, my friend Victoria Krusac found out she was pregnant with a baby boy. If that were me, I have to admit, I would immediately start thinking “my mom is going to bury me under the house, ALIVE.” I’m sure my mom would learn to live with it… eventually, but she definitely wouldn’t have the reaction that Tori’s mom had. Tori had a fantastic support system. She said, “my mom just started to laugh,” and her sister even told me, “Well sh*t happens.” I’m inspired by their great attitudes. Her family has been very supportive, and they helped her to push through the hardships of teen pregnancy and become one successful mommy. I talked to Tori about anything and everything you can think of regarding teen pregnancy and being an unmarried mom, and here’s what she had to say.

Perfectly Pregnant

Tori knew she didn’t want to get an abortion. She didn’t think that was the right thing for her, but realizing she was going to have a baby, in just a short nine months, caused a lot of fear. “The night I found out I was pregnant I slept in my mom’s bed and cried myself to sleep out of fear that I wouldn’t be a good mother to my baby.” She was scared she couldn’t provide for him, and because she had also recently split with the baby’s father, Brannon, she just couldn’t imagine having to confront him with this news. “Everything comes rushing to your mind in a moment like that. I was worried he wouldn’t believe the baby was his, and I was scared he wouldn’t want to be a part of our lives.(Hold on one second though ladies. Before you become a man hater, remember these are just Tori’s thoughts. Brannon was actually extremely supportive.)

Tori remembers the moment as if it were yesterday. She said, “I tried to tell him, but I felt like I couldn’t even move. I walked slowly and stared in his eyes and just broke down and cried, but as soon as I told him he wrapped his arms around me and didn’t let go for a long time.” What a sweet moment! Brannon immediately switched jobs to try to provide as much as he could for Tori and their future son, and he helped Tori buy a baby friendly, mommy car.

Welcome Baby Bryton

When baby Bryton came Tori said she had never been happier, and her life was going so smoothly. Brannon was able to take a week off of work to help her get back on her feet, and even with a few bumps in the road along the way, the couple is starting to hear wedding bells. I can’t wait to be there for that and see little Bryton in a tux!

Trouble in Paradise

So at this point you’re probably thinking, “Wow, this went really well for her!” You’re right, her family and Brannon supported her through and through, but we don’t live in a fairytale world now do we? So far when I have talked about living in a tiny town in Tennessee I have talked about how great it is, but it isn’t all fun and games. Tori’s story is a perfect example of the hard part about living in a small town: everyone thinks they know everything. Tori’s friends started to spread rumors about her, and they were even calling her a whore. I HATE that word. We are all women and we should respect each other enough to not be so degrading. That just gives men the right to use those words too. I could go on and on about my feminist mind set on the words whore and slut, but I’ll get back to Tori. She had to let go of people who had been in her life since childhood, but she finally realized who her true friends were. And Brannon was there through it all. Tori said her mind always went to Brannon in difficult times, and that’s when she realized that she wasn’t with him just for Bryton’s sake. She was with him because she truly loved him.

 I have to say, even though Bryton was a huge surprise, he was certainly worth it. And I think she chose the perfect name. He is constantly smiling, and he will certainly “Bryton” your day!