Sheer! Trendy or Tacky?


Sheer is filling the fashion magazines, and celebrities are rocking it. Some of the most known starlets are going all out, even showing off the twins, and that’s why I’m on the fence with the trend. I do not want to see your tatas, no matter how much you paid for them! So here are some of my ideas to keep sheer from getting too tacky. If I do say so myself, I’m keeping it totally trendy.

Just to let you know, this is one of the most conservative of the celeb styles I came across. I would not have felt comfortable showing you some of the images; they were risqué to say the least. But let’s talk about Fergie at the Grammys. I realize she can afford expensive underwear, but is it necessary to show everyone? And Fergie, why did you decide to go all Halloween on us? Maybe it’s just me, but I can never wear black and orange together without feeling like a big jack-o-lantern. Let’s just keep it for the holidays.

My version of a head to-to-toe sheer look is completely different than Fergie’s. She did pull it off quite well, I have to admit, but those of you who want to show a little less of your body while still getting into the trends can borrow my ideas. I went to dinner with some friends at an awesome Indian restaurant in NYC called Chola, and we happened to all show up wearing maxis, obviously showing that’s a style we love. You can also see from my outfit that sheer is doable for anyone. Both my skirt and shirt are completely sheer, but I am still covered in all the necessary places. I actually considered not wearing a tank under my pink shirt (not typical for me at all), but I would have worn a bandeau. I did opt for the tank top though just because it made me feel more comfortable. I would suggest if you just have to follow in Fergie’s foot steps that you invest in some cute bandeaus rather than lingerie. They give a little more coverage and keep you from feeling too exposed.

You would never think sheer would work in an office setting, but I wore this outfit to work. If I was just wearing a bandeau or a bra, I never could have pulled that off. The dress code at Galmour is fashionable business though so don’t think I’m crazy by saying you can wear this outfit to an office. All you CEOs out there will have to stick to pencil skirts and blazers and learn to make that as fashionable as you can, which is completely possible.

First of all, don’t make fun of me for taking a picture on the subway. When my family came to visit, my mom made me do this! She also made me take a picture with the “naked” cowboy in Times Square that smelt HORRIBLE! Can you say tourist? But anyway, this outfit is another involving sheer. The white top is completely see through, but I paired it with a white tank and very classy lacy shorts from Free People. The lace shorts are really in style right now too, and I think I kept it totally trendy.


About megan0412

I am obsessed with women's magazines, and I am currently the books intern at Glamour Magazine. I am completely honored and excited to have this opportunity, and it has inspired me to create a blog (hints the title: ZINEspiration). I hope to become an editor at a magazine one day so I am using this blog to throw out all my ideas. I will be sharing fashion tips, awesome books, and hopefully some wonderful stories about wonderful women. I hope you enjoy!

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