Colors of the Rainbow


There is a fingernail polish craze happening right now, and I am hooked!

I used to have a horrible habit of biting my nails, and I was determined to fix it. I certainly didn’t want polish in my mouth so I started painting my nails all the time. I ditched that habit but got hooked on a new one. I became a picker. I would paint, pick, pain, pick. So to stop that nonsense I started trying really cool designs that I wouldn’t want to chip away, and it worked. I am cured. Here are some of the cool trends I’ve tried and the ways I use polish to spice up an outfit. 

The accent nail trend is running wild. It’s all over the Glamour office right now. Maggie, my intern friend that I will miss SO MUCH, and I came to work  with the exact same style (pink and grey color blocking). Great minds think alike! I love the accent nail look because it is a stand-alone statement, but the neutral colors don’t distract from any outfit. As you can see in the picture, I wore the colors with black and beige, and Maggie had on blue and white. I hate when I see a girl wearing a rocking outfit with nails that stick out like a sore thumb. (Was that a pun? Hmm, I’m getting fancy.) But you’ll never be disappointed with basic colors. You don’t have to stress about your nails looking like a rainbow exploded, and you’ll never have a horrible clash. 

This is the rainbow look with ombre. It’s pretty cool huh? I wouldn’t do it just because, like I said, I don’t want my nails to clash with my outfit, but I love the trend. I would probably just do it with greys, pinks, or pale blues.

So yet another cool trend is to splatter paint your nails. Let me tell you, it is a hassle, but it comes out really cool! Here is what mine look like.

I think the concept is super cool, but you have to really think about the color scheme. I started with a Tiffany blue color then splattered purple. I thought that looked awesome. But when I added the melon color it was just yuck! I need to practice what I preach because adding the melon made it look like a cantaloupe threw up on my nails. Sorry, I had to be dramatic for a second, but you probably agree. So here’s the cute version. I hope you like it. What have you done with your nails lately? 


About megan0412

I am obsessed with women's magazines, and I am currently the books intern at Glamour Magazine. I am completely honored and excited to have this opportunity, and it has inspired me to create a blog (hints the title: ZINEspiration). I hope to become an editor at a magazine one day so I am using this blog to throw out all my ideas. I will be sharing fashion tips, awesome books, and hopefully some wonderful stories about wonderful women. I hope you enjoy!

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    • Yea the habit was killing me. I feel like calling it a habit makes it sound like I had a drug addiction haha, but anyway show me if you try any of the nail “art.” 🙂

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