Purple Pattern Pants


These are not your average jeans, and how great did Jessica Alba pull them off? She is rocking this new trend, and she doesn’t look like she tried too hard (always a plus in my book). I’ve had trouble creating outfits with patterns in the past, and with patterns everywhere (even mixing and matching them), I have to be on my fashion A-game. I tend to buy tops with a bold pattern and only wear them with plain Jane jeans or a solid black skirt, and then I feel like I can’t get as much use out of the piece because I don’t like to wear the same outfit over and over again. I will never say you can’t repeat your clothing. By all means don’t spend money on great tops and skirts without wearing them more than once, but I like to create new, unique outfits with pieces already in my closet, so I want each item to be versatile. I think these pants can get a lot of use. Jessica’s leather jacket gives her a cool rock vibe, but she could also try a loose-fitting, flowy colored shirt for a more artsy feel. She’s worn them with two different pairs of shoes, as you can see, which gives her even more range in her style.

So I decided to give the look a try. I went with purple pattern pants from Free People and paired them with a cute lacy bandeau under a textured tank with nude heels. These shoes have become my new best friend. Umm…ok that may be going a little overboard. If I’m being honest here, my relationship with heels has not been going so well. You’ll understand what I mean if you check out the bottom corner of this photo. Those flip flops were not supposed to make the shot, but  I was wearing them about two seconds before I posed for this picture. Carrie Bradshaw gave me a lot of false hope when she ran all over NYC in her Manolos chasing Mr. Big and hailing taxis. My feet will just not allow that to happen, but at least I tried to make the relationship last. The one and only, hilarious, Jenna Marbles says you have to make a vow with your shoes, “Till home do us part.” Well, I break that commitment quite often, and I feel no remorse. Scandalous, I know. But back to my outfit, I think my take on the pattern pants trend turned out well, and I already have some great ideas to wear it with different shoes, tops, and even jewelry to make it look like an entirely original outfit.



And just in case you were hoping for a closer look, here is the pattern!


About megan0412

I am obsessed with women's magazines, and I am currently the books intern at Glamour Magazine. I am completely honored and excited to have this opportunity, and it has inspired me to create a blog (hints the title: ZINEspiration). I hope to become an editor at a magazine one day so I am using this blog to throw out all my ideas. I will be sharing fashion tips, awesome books, and hopefully some wonderful stories about wonderful women. I hope you enjoy!

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