Anyone have magazines lying around everywhere– on the coffee table, in the bathroom, next to your bed? You should see my book shelf! Along with Hemingway and Fitzgerald and of course my beloved Shakespeare, there stands Glamour, Cosmo, Self, Lucky, Seventeen, and People. I can’t make myself throw them away. I am totally OBSESSED. You can only imagine how I felt when I got the opportunity to work at Glamour Magazine as the books intern. You know how paper feels when it’s hot off a printer? Come on, you know you like it too. Magazines feel like that times 100. When I got to hold both the July and the August issue before they hit newsstands, I was sold. I am completely honored and excited to have this experience, and now I am confident that I want to be a magazine editor one day. After working at Glamour for just a few weeks I have been inspired to take more risks with fashion, read some intense romance literature, and start this blog (hints the title, ZINEspiration). My boss, who seems like a friend, told me that ideas are your currency in the publishing world, and I am taking that little piece of advice and running with it. I am going to share my ideas on fashion and beauty, my opinions on books, and hopefully share stories about real life women doing incredible things just like all the wonderful magazines resting on my book shelf. I hope you enjoy.


About megan0412

I am obsessed with women's magazines, and I am currently the books intern at Glamour Magazine. I am completely honored and excited to have this opportunity, and it has inspired me to create a blog (hints the title: ZINEspiration). I hope to become an editor at a magazine one day so I am using this blog to throw out all my ideas. I will be sharing fashion tips, awesome books, and hopefully some wonderful stories about wonderful women. I hope you enjoy!

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